Dog Backpack Carriers Review

We all love our little furry friends. They are a source of companionship, fun, and comfort. Our dogs will always be loyal and ready to follow you to the ends of the earth diligently. Sadly, tagging them along despite the love you feel for your little friend can be quite a handful. Your dog might be tempted to check out all the objects it comes along and may also cause a nuisance to some people. Thankfully, backpack makers came up with back pack carriers which are an effective way to carry your pooch around. I say little because most back pack carriers will work for smaller breeds of dogs. You cannot physically take your English mastiff on your back, now can you? Larger breeds require other means such as dog saddle bags. A back pack carrier will make it easier to bring you little friend along to the great places you visit. They are comfortable for both you and the dog.

So which is the best dog backpack carrier for you to get? The K9 Sport Sack Before I tell you why this is the best dog bag for you to get, we will take a brief look at some of the available brand available. We will review their features reviews and later show you why the K9 is superior. 

1. Zanes Casual Canine Backpack.

A first look at this dog backpack and you may just confuse it for your average backpack. The back pack features a front that can easily be zipped open to create an open meshed area under which your pooch may reside. The mesh is actually like a large window running from the bottom into a 90-degree angle giving you little friend a great view of the outside. The mesh door also provides proper ventilation as air may flow from both the front, up and the sides.

The dog backpack features side pockets that you can use to store any extra items you may be carrying. There is a small easy to clean mat that you can easily remove after a day’s walk and clean off any hairs or litter. Users of the backpack complain of the straps being a bit too high and also recommend the addition of a waist strap for stability. 

2. Wacky Paws Sporty Dog Carrier Backpack. 

This sporty backpack is a well-constructed design that features high-quality material for durability and strength. The backpack has ample space on the top for the dog to quickly pop up its head freely. A small hook can be attached to the dog’s harness just to avoid any unwanted incidents. Available at several retailers, the backpack comes in four different colors from which you may pick depending on your preferred style. Sadly, the backpack lacks side pockets but compensates for this by its advantage of a pop out hole for the dog’s head. 

3. Messenger bag dog carrier.

Boasting of the signature Emanuele Bianchi Design, this messenger dog carrier backpack is one of the most stylish ways to carry your pooch around. The bag has a comfortable nylon lining on the inside to keep your dog comfortable. The outside has a microfiber suede cover and a padded bottom that is flat for your dog to stand if it may wish quickly.

4. The K9 Sport Sack

The K9 Sport Sack is the actual epitome of dog back pack carrier It is carefully constructed to give your four legged friends the ability to experience all the fun activities you engage in. The K9 carrier has a lightweight material that is adequately ventilated to keep your dog comfortable. There are adjustable dual side pockets to carry all your items without discomforting your four legged friends. The shoulder straps are adjustable to enable you to fit it depending on the weight and size of your dog. Their backpack features a reflecting adjustable sternum strap, a safety D-ring, and a collar hook up. The backpacks also come in three different sizes, small, medium and large categorized according to the various dog sizes. 

The Many Benefits of Referring to Mobile Vets

Vets are very crucial in taking care of a pet. But it is also a known fact that driving to and from the vets can be such a huge pain. It is remarkable, though, that these days, it is quite possible for people to no longer have to bring their pets to the vets. Instead, they can have the vets come to their home and administer whatever treatment or procedure their furry companions need. All they need to do is call one of those providers that offer Mobile Vets services.

If you are not yet familiar with what the service entails, here are some of the things that you can expect if you are to stay referring to one. Make sure you pick the right vet.

Less stress for the pets

The best thing about going to a mobile vet is that they will be no longer stressed out by car rides or not being relaxed. Considering how they will be seen in an environment that they are comfortable with, you can trust that the picture that the vets will get when it comes to checking the condition of the animals will be much more accurate.

Less stress for you

Imagine having o fulfill the task of bringing several pets to the vet all at once. That can be a huge stress for you. Just the fact that you are going to have to load the pets to their carriers and then to the car can take a lot of work. Some pets may be very cooperative and will likely cause you to have to chase them around the house before they can be coaxed come out. When the best come to you, the there is no longer any need for you to have to stress out on that.

One on one attention

It is a fact that a lot of veterinary clinics and hospitals schedule appointments in a 15-minute interval. That is very limited a time spent on every patient and will likely end up with them rushing through the consultation process just to get to the next patient. It might cause some of them to overlook certain signs and conditions of the patient and a result. This is not something that one has to worry with a visiting vet since he will be able to pay close attention to every pet he will be looking at with such attention.

All of the pets in the house can be seen in a single visit

Remember how you always have to schedule two to three pets only per vet visit since you cannot take all of them, this is no longer something that you will have to deal with if you have a mobile veterinarian come to your home. If you have a lot of pets in your household, then a setup like this would prove to be beneficial. Every single pet in your household will be seen and checked and that is in a single setting only.

Less exposure to diseases

It is also worrisome to have to bring pets to vet hospitals. This is because there is that chance that they might catch something contagious from the other pets that are confined and are treated in the facility when the vet just visits your home, the chances of infections spreading is going to be quite slim.


Poisonous Plants for Dogs

While you might think that getting your dog play outside is good for him there are also some dangers that he may likely be exposed to if you are not too careful. One needs to remember that Mother Nature does tend to have some elements that may harm the unaware. The same is true for dogs. Since they do have a tendency to just play with and chew on something that they might find interesting in their outside lays, it is best that you get yourself learned of Poisonous Plants for Dogs.

You will find that so much grief and headache can be prevented if you are actually able to get yourself educated about this ahead of time. A poisoned dog is not a situation that you would want to have to deal with, after all.

Autumn Crocus

If you are ever out walking with your small dog, make sure that you steer him clear from any of this plant. It can cause some intense burning situations in the mouth when ingested. At the same time, it has been known to cause such effect as vomiting seizures, diarrhea, as well as damage to the kidney and the liver. There are even instances when it has caused heart arrhythmia. It is important to note that though the entire plant is considered toxic to canines the toxicity tends to be highest in the bulbs.


Azalea is another plant that you need to be watchful of if you take your dog outside. They have been known to cause oral irritation to dogs when they are ingested. They are also known to cause diarrhea and vomiting. There are even several cases where after being ingested, the dogs have suffered drops in their blood pressure, then succumbing to coma, and finally death.


The entire plant is considered poisonous to canines. But it is important to note that its bulb contains the highest toxicity level. That being sad though, any portion of the daffodil plant is known to cause diarrhea, vomiting, pain in the abdomen, convulsions, arrhythmias, as well as considerable drop in the canine’s blood pressure.

Dumb Cane

Dieffenbachia is a very common plant that is often found in many homes. A lot of people eve use them indoors thanks to the fact that they have really lovely looking leaves despite being non-flowering. It is important to keep dogs away from such a plant since to can cause vomiting and oral irritation. It can also cause dogs to have difficulty in swallowing and can make them feel a burning sensation along the lips, the tongue, and the mouth.


Bear in mind that the entire tulip plant is considered toxic to dogs. The bulb, though, happens to hold the most toxins. Ingestion of the plant can cause irritation to the mouth, nausea, as well as excessive drooling.



This is also known as Mother-in-Law. This is another very common houseplant that is known for its dense flower. If ingested, the plant can cause vomiting as well as diarrhea. There are even rare cases when it can cause heart arrhythmia.

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How to Successfully Carry Out Dog Training

Dog owners understand how important it is that they get their puppies properly trained. They know that how they behave by themselves, when interacting with other dogs, or when interacting with other people will depend a lot on the kind of training that they are exposed to. There are a lot of things that need to be covered by a Dog Training in order for it to be successful. So, if you are about to start yours, then it is important to consider some this and dog training tricks that are going to help.

A dog that is well trained is going to make your life a lot easier. It makes his life easier and enjoyable as well. In fact, most of the cases were dogs are actually surrendered to the local pounds is when they start exhibiting behavioral problems. This is why making sure that the dog is properly trained throughout his life is indeed very important.

It can be a challenge to these pet owners that are doing so for the first time. Therefore, it helps immensely that people will take the time to find out some this and tricks that will not only make the training effective but will make it easier, more convenient, and easier for the dog to understand. That’s what we recommend here at Paws and Claws Mobile Vet!

Go for positive reinforcement training

Using play or treat as a reward after the duration of the training is a good idea this is often a good way of ensuring that the dog is encouraged to show positive behaviors all throughout. When the dog learns to associate behaving right to something like play and food, it becomes easier for one to get him to follow through such positive behaviors.


A lot of people often make the mistake of going for negative reinforcement when training their dog. But a ton of studies has shown that it is always the positive reinforcement that shows better results when compared with the negative one all the time. Instead of punishing the dog for not acting the way it should, making sure that it is rewarded when it does is always a better way of going about things.

Start them young

The best time to start training a dog is when they are young. They have yet to learn anything and everything on how to become a proper dog so it is easier to install all the lessons that you want them to learn when they are younger. Always remember the saying about no longer being able to teach old dog new tricks. So, as soon as you can, get them trained while they are still young.

Include crate training

Consider this the same as giving your dog his very own room. Instead of associating the crate with something akin like a prison, it should be something that you must each your dog to associate with safety. Getting him crate-trained is a very good way of ensuring that in the event where he has to be let in the house on his own, he can be easily coached to get inside the crate to ensure that he will not get into any kind of trouble. We talk about crate-training your chihuahua in this article.

Important Facts About Owning a Chihuahua

For people that would want to take care of a dog, but happens to have very small space in their homes, dogs that are considered to be small breeds would be an ideal choice. They will not require a lot of space. They would do well in dwellings that happen to have limited space. Therefore, if you happen to have such a home, the breed that would suit you best would be the Chihuahua.


Chihuahuas are considered as the smallest dog breed in the world. But is important to note though that as tiny as this breed may be, it comes with specific needs. For first-time for parents of such a breed, it helps immensely if you will immerse yourself with some knowledge on how to better care and look after such a dog.


Train them

Just because they look so cute and they are small enough that you can easily carry them anywhere does not mean that you should exempt them from dog training. If you want to make sure that they are going to be properly mannered around your home and will have the necessary socialization skills, training is key.

Get them crate-trained

There is nothing wrong with letting your dog sleep beside you ever night. But before you do, it is important that you get your little puppy to undergo crate-training. This makes it easier for you to keep him in his crate without much whining and crying especially during those instances when you are not at home and you need to leave him by himself for a few hours.

Exercise him

It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle for your little doggie. Therefore, exercise is a very crucial part f the routine that you need to carry out. In the event that the weather is way too hot or too cold for you to be out there exercising, it is a good idea to just play fetch or play ball inside the house, these dogs are smaller though so this also means that they can easily get away with not having it walk a single day. But f the weather permits, then it is always good to get the little puppy outside.

Dog-proof your home

You want to pay attention to the cleanliness of your floors. You need to remember that being a small dog breed, Chihuahuas have small stomachs. The last thing you want is for them to get exposed in an environment where there are possible choking hazards they do have a tendency to chew on anything that they can get their mouths on. So, better err on the safe side and keep those floors clutter-free.

Have tick and flea prevention handy

Just because these are usually indoor dogs does not mean that they are going to be free from ticks and flea. You do take them outside for walks and for exercises so there is a good chance that they will be exposed to these creepy crawlies. Since they might react badly to certain medications due to their small size make it a point to consult with your vet whenever you want to administer medications.